Monday, February 25, 2008


Last night I dreamed of colors. Purples and pinks and blues, deep and vibrant colors. More specifically, I dreamed of skeins of colorful yarn.

As I fell asleep, and throughout my sleep, I rolled around in a most beautiful and peaceful palette of yarn. Weird, I know but...I spent the good part of Sunday surrounded in yarn and all things knitting. I spent the day at Stitches West.

It was great to get away and do something completely unrelated to work or something that I HAD to do. What a pleasure to have a hobby just for me. I find knitting to be so relaxing, except for when my hands begin to hurt and I don't want to stop knitting and then I stress about if I should stop or keep going... what a problem to have.

I must get back to work. I need to leave that peaceful place and get my work done. I need to make a chicken, call the dentist, do my paperwork, begin my taxes. I miss the colors already.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More views of the wedding

Thanks to Carrie's best friend, Miki, we have these beautiful pictures:

Before the wedding:

Before the wedding with Carrie's other best friend, Kat (she sang for processional):

After the wedding:

See? No knitting, no politics. I can do it.

7 hours

I haven't had that many hours of sleep in a long time. No reason for guilt. Max and Aiden slept for 10 hours. BZ slept 9 hours. In fact, I should be jealous. But I am not, just relieved.

Guilty pleasures. TV, knitting, reading. And room service.

The beginning of my first sweater:

The beginning of fingerless gloves:

No more complaining about business trips. Well, less complaining.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I was looking forward to reporting on the wedding from Saturday night. But Sunday, Aiden was sick and by the afternoon, he wasn't breathing so well. So, I spent many hours into the late evening at the ER.

Aiden wasn't scary sick but the ER was scary sick. We made friends with others in the waiting room, we made friends with the woman who shared an examination room with us. She was scary sick. We heard her screaming and groaning as they tried the sixth attempt to get a line in her. It was horrendous. I was reading Goodnight Gorilla to Aiden, trying to drown out her cries. He seemed unaffected but I was beside myself.

The woman behind the curtain of the hospital room had diabetes and had recently been released only to end up back in the hospital being jabbed a million times. She had bruises everywhere. She just found out her grandson was killed in Iraq, only two months after arriving.

I was also hungry. We hadn't eaten or had anything to drink for over 8 hrs. Not cool. Finally, apple juice, water and graham crackers. Mmm.

After the Xrays, we were told it might be a slight pneumonia or a bronchial thing. So we went home with some drugs and tried to go to bed. I had to pack for my trip to Kansas City.

I left before either boy woke up. Very upsetting. I missed all of Sunday to be with them. So now I am in Kansas City. Its cold. I'm reading a depressing, but beautifully written book about Joan Didion's loss of her husband while her daughter was in a coma. I know, nice.

BZ brought Aiden back to the doctor today to follow up and found he has real pneumonia, not maybe pneumonia, and an ear infection. So, there are now multiple inhalers and more drugs. He sure sounded chipper when I called (Aiden, that is). I hate to be away.

Neal and Carrie's wedding (yes, I am backtracking) was beautiful and probably one of the most moving experiences of my life. Saying it was an honor sounds cheap and hollow but it was amazing to be right there guiding them into marriage. It was indeed sacred. Carrie's father read from Elizabeth Barrett Browning. He chose a lovely and romantic poem and got pretty choked up. He told me later that my honoring/remembering Carrie's mother, his late wife opened up a crack in him. Her mother was a scientist, and now Carrie is a scientist. To be inside that much love and intensity of feeling was a bit scary and fantastic all at the same time. It felt great.

I am so lucky to have my life. I have spent the last 4 days bitching about my terrible haircut and, there is a woman who can't get an IV without being tortured for 2 hours. There's a young man being blown up in Iraq and Aiden is battling sickness without the ability to communicate his pain. I know you can't compare things in this way but I certainly need to put things in perspective. Its easy to focus on the negative but on the flip side are two newlyweds who are dripping in giddy love. That's really what its about.

As much as I hate my hair, I can avoid the mirror. Plus, I've got product.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Officiant jitters

Neal and Carrie are getting married. How exciting!

So, what do I wear?

I know, I know, this is about THEM. Yada yada yada. But really, what do I wear?

One person suggested I wear long robes. No kidding, this was seriously suggested. I am not a religious figure nor do I wish to impersonate one, at least, not on Saturday night. Humor might be a plus, but that might not be taken as the greatest of taste.

Seriously, this is serious. This is a wedding. Two people are getting married, I must dress respectfully. Well, not like a funeral respectful but, a wedding respectful...something that goes with white (bride).

Oh, and while you are thinking about what I should wear, any ideas on what I should say would be helpful as well...just kidding (sort of).

If bride and groom are reading NOT panic. I have this well under control. REALLY. But, if you have ideas about what I should wear...

Monday, February 11, 2008

This is not about Obama

So now it looks like around 94,000 votes may not be counted in LA county. These are the DTS voters (declined-to-state). Those folks who don't write in Republican or Democrat.

This year in California, DTS voters were allowed to vote in the Democratic primary and simply needed to ask for a Democratic ballot. Over 150,000 did. Around 94,000 didn't fill in the duplicate bubble that stated Democrat (the ballot says, is titled, Democratic ballot). So, to be clear, they asked for a Democratic ballot, voted for either Clinton or Obama (OK, maybe they voted for Gravel, haha) and submitted the ballot.

50% of the votes are not going to be counted. There has been many requests for a recount and specifically a call to count those votes. There is no telling whether the votes lean to one or another candidate-the issue is that almost 100,000 votes are being tossed for what they call the "double bubble" issue. The head guy for Los Angeles registrar of voters (sorry, too lazy to look up the asshole's name), was warned in advance of the issue and was asked to replace the ballots or take some immediate action (this is not the first time there have been "double bubble" issues), but he did nothing AND NOW he refuses to do a recount.

Outrageous. But, you can take action. Sign the petition demanding the recount. This is just the beginning (again.) of screwy ballots, don't let anyone get away with this:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Day After

Its the day after the big fat primaries and I am exhausted. I am disappointed that we lost California, or rather, didn't get the big win, but...I am pleased to know that the delegate count is almost evenly split (not including the super delegates, they shift). And, We won Alameda County and San Francisco County among a few others. Big old LA went to Clinton.

Yesterday, I was near the Grand Lake Theater with a big sign, rallying for Obama and I met a Hillary campaigner. We had a great little chat. She was standing on our corner, and really, this corner of Oakland is truly Obama country, and she kept waving at the drivers and saying "We're all Democrats!"

This one incredibly drunk woman crossed from the Hillarysupporter side of the street to the Obama side and let us know that the Hillary side was just no fun. She went on to assure me that she voted for Osama. Great.

I went to see Michelle Obama a few nights ago at San Jose State. She was really inspiring, there were folks pouring out the door, crowding the building. It was very exciting. As I left to go back to my car, I looked back to the auditorium and noticed that there were windows at the basement level underneath. And there were these guys playing ping pong, or officially speaking, table tennis. Awesome. I am sure they had no idea what was going on above them.