Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Max and mommy

1. BINGO: Max and I just started volunteering to call Bingo at Satellite Housing, a senior housing complex in Rockridge. So fun. Monday was our first day and I think we were both a bit nervous. We were warned that on the first day there may only be a few folks...in fact, there were seven, 4 Russian, 3 Chinese. I only learned this when they announced the languages they were calling out and translating with.

Max called most of the numbers, "B2...I34" and he could be heard. I was really surprised by his bold loud voice...Max...not Aiden, but Max! Amazing and wonderful. In case I forgot to mention, we arrived a bit early so had time to pick up a hot chocolate on the way. That might have provided some of the big energy in his voice.

2. HARRY POTTER: Max and I are reading the first Harry Potter book. Aiden listens in sometimes. Max listens really seriously and gets really sad (read: whiny) when we have to stop to turn out the lights. He is LOVING it. And, I have to admit, I am loving it too. Reading a real book, one that I love and forgot about is fantastic.

3. NEW YORK: Max and I are going to NY for President's Day Weekend. Just the two of us. It should be pretty fun. We'll be visiting my parents, he'll get loads of attention. Will I get jealous? I'm feeling a bit guilty leaving Aiden and BZ behind, but Aiden will get his turn. And BZ, he gets his family trips already with no kids at all.

A final note: Being home for longer than a three day stretch has been wonderful. Sleeping in my own bed each night is such a relief. Aiden has been more and more cuddly with me, and we giggle more than ever. I think we are all doing so much better as a family together.

Final note #2: OK. Tonight sucked. I arrived home after a 12 hour day, two kids whining, not the dinner I expected ( I know, I know) and a general grouchy feel for the evening. I guess we are all now used to me being home and its back to reality-good days and bad days. But, I still get to sleep in my own bed.