Thursday, June 24, 2010

In better news

The world might be going to hell in a hand basket (who made up that phrase?), but the following still makes me happy:

1. The World Cup-Team USA makes it to the next round. And they did it in the most exciting last minute way. I know, geeky, but very cool.

2. I'm going to Sonoma for the weekend with BZ for a long awaited belated anniversary trip. Escape is good. Time together is good. And, I understand there might even be a pub with a big screen TV showing the World Cup game, USA vs. Ghana. Romantic.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ginger and Kim

This past week, was one of the busiest in a long time. And yet, I got to spend a lovely evening with Ginger and Kim. Time seemed to stop, almost go backwards, in a good way.

As a refresher, Kim was my roommate back in my single 30's. Kim went on quite a few blind dates and on one of them, came back with a dog, literally. The guy, who we call "dog owner," didn't work out but, he "lent" Ginger to us for a week while he went away on a trip. He couldn't handle her with his new single lifestyle. He offered to give Ginger to us forever. Kim was a bit concerned about the responsibility of a dog. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to keep her, she obviously needed some better loving than that guy could give. We adopted her.

Kim and I went through dog training with a very stern trainer lady up in Marin (Marin...I think). Ginger failed, or rather I did, but, we all learned how to sit and lay down when prompted. I do mean all of us.

When BZ and I got engaged, Kim asked if she could keep Ginger when I moved out. And honestly, Ginger and Kim were really meant to be together. They ran together, did everything together. And I was distracted with BZ-itis. So Kim kept Ginger and they are the best of buddies.

So its been 9+ years, I think, since Ginger came into our lives. Ginger is now 15 and showing her age. She can't walk so well, her fur is much whiter, and her hearing is shot. But....she is still so dang cute and smiley. Last week, I got to snuggle with her....and all my old feelings for her FLOODED back. Gin doesn't have that much longer on this planet, and that makes me really sad.

Spending time with Kim and Ginger this past week was a great reminder of what is important. I not only need to spend more time with my friends, in this case Kim, but I need to recognize how important my friendships are and let those people know it. Hear that? Hold me to it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Aiden graduates

When Max finished his preschool, there was a graduation picnic on a Saturday afternoon somewhere in one of the parks off of Skyline. The actual ceremony was for about 6 kids and the adults all played kazoos in the background. We all hung out for the day, way low key.

Today, Aiden had a very different ceremony in a church sanctuary setting. There were 55 kids graduating so over 100 parents, relatives and friends. The kids trooped in, very cute, and sat in little blue chairs on a big stage.

They proceeded to sing about 300 songs and then each had their name called to get handed their "diploma." For some reason they stood on a box so that the family could take pictures. This process took seemingly HOURS. I will admit, the kids were so damned cute that you couldn't really get too upset about this slow process.

Afterward, we avoided the big group on their way to Fenton's (my worst nightmare of an ice cream shop), and joined a few other parents we know of kids who have siblings in Max's class for a Mexican lunch.

A very nice day. Sure I had to race home for a conference call that lasted for 3 million hours but it was OK since Aiden was on my lap. I blocked the camera on my laptop and put the phone on mute.