Friday, June 24, 2011

Politics vs ?

What I should be blogging about is Netroots Nation and The American Dream Movement. What I want to write about is my inability to focus.

I struggle with accepting the awkward nature of having a full life and not exactly having enough time to write about it all. Hard to choose what the focus of my blogging should be, or if I need a focus at all...Kim writes of travel, food, brief experiences, Laura and Gretchen write about their running...I love their blogs...

What is Margaret writing about?!!!

After returning from Netroots Nation all pumped up with ideas on how to get re-activated politically, I am also returning to my family responsibilities--my children, my husband, my job, my friends, my running...

So, to my tiny group of readers (are there any left?) I say....I will still toggle between all of my interests and passions...and if I get the urge to stay on one track, I may start up a parallel blog for that one area of focus.

In the meantime,
1. I went to Netroots Nation last week and was recharged
2. I started an Intermediate Running Class to learn how to run faster and efficiently...pulled something in my...glute (butt).
3. The kids have started camps and its really pretty cute.
4. I just got a cold and want to put my head under a pillow.