Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodnight Vina

Its New Year's Eve, and a former colleague of mine is dying tonight. Perhaps not tonight, maybe tomorrow, but there is little time left. I am so sad for her family. I am sad her life is cut short.

As this decade ends, I picture Vina's beautiful smile and hear her laughter in my head and think about the good that I sometimes don't recognize. Right now, Vina would roll her eyes at my current maudlin state. She'd tell me to lighten up and look forward, and so...

I toast to the new year, the new decade, the, happiness, love, peace, legos, chocolate....what am I missing? Great thanks to all my friends and family for this wonderful life and the chance to keep trying to make it better. Goodnight Vina. And goodbye.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I made it

I made it through the year. I think it was harder on BZ and the kids than on me. Perhaps I don't fully feel it yet. I do feel a sort of elation if that counts. It feels good to be home.

Yesterday, I got dressed for my last meeting of the year, got my paperwork, got in the car. I picked up the phone to give my confirmation call and saw that there was a message waiting. My meeting was canceled. I had a semi-phone meeting/holiday chat and was done. All dressed up for a phone call in the car in the driveway. Done. My Central Valley year is over.

I cleared out the Fresno apartment this past week and drove home not being able to look out the back window. I exchanged cookies with the cool retired guy I rent from. I got a little sad. This whole month has been about goodbyes with my clients. It's nice to know I have been valued, appreciated, needed. This is the part that's hard to leave.

But look what's here!

Max learning how to blow a bubble:

More 5K races in pink boas:

Happy Holidays, it's good to be home!