Friday, July 18, 2008

Disaster for sale

Remember the corner lot next to us? Remember the guy who was going to build a Sunset magazine home with a waterfall running through the living room? This lot can now be yours for $295K. It includes the plan to build the dream home. And, the foundation is half built.

Is it legal to walk away from this disaster?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

With the fringe on top

Another day in San Francisco. This time, Golden Gate Park. We actually rented one of those Surreys with the fringe. Awesome.

We then had a bit of a break, walking around Stowe Lake. Well, not a huge break since we were lugging very tired kids.BZ reminded me that this is where he first held my hand, lo those many years ago. "This is not a date!" I remember thinking. He was knowing it was a date. A date with destiny, bwah hahaha!
We went to the Japanese Tea Gardens but first, a little tree climbing...and falling.

I forgot how pretty it is...
Sad to say, we ran out of time and energy for the De Young, but got to say hello to an old friend.We drove by the house where Emma was born. So many memories for me. She remembers none of it but had a great time getting to see the neighborhood and finding the house.

Tonight, video games. Super Mario Galaxy. So if you are wondering why I am here at the computer blogging, its because I have nothing to offer in the way of talent or interest AND they all know it.

I do however hold the key to a great dessert. Microwave S'Mores. Good times.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Big Kahuna

Emma is here. Emma is 15, my niece....yes, another 15 year old niece visiting (from a different family). Yay. We are having a GREAT time, just tiring since I am trying to prove I can tire her out, since Aunt Margaret is SO much fun! Aunt Margaret is 44 years old and tired. I sure need to exercise and take my vitamins...and get more sleep.

We went to a Waterworld in Concord:We followed up with a dinner at Little Shin Shin's and if you haven't gone yet, I don't know what you are waiting for...

We took a ferry into San Francisco, I know we did that with Anika sure is cool:OK. We also went on the cable car.....We went to Musee Mechanique again, and, discovered new machines since last time. I guess we just didn't notice the same things. We were VERY tired coming home and cooled out with left overs and a DVD of the Flintstones.

Tomorrow, back to the city by way of the automobile. We are going to Golden Gate Park to rent a boat and perhaps see the Japanese Gardens. I love it there and BZ has never been. After that, perhaps the ocean, then the Cliff House. I think its a bit much but....when will she be back?

I will post soon about the fundraiser I am producing. As a preview of the craziness, I got a voice-mail while at Waterworld from Joan Baez's manager about her possible availability. My phone was in a locker. I should have changed my message for the day. "Sorry I can't come to the phone, I am going down the Big Kahuna!"