Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My first sweater

Almost complete. After a year, I finally got brave enough to finish
it. All that's left is to sew in some loose ends, wash, block and

Friday, March 27, 2009

You look exactly like...

A few days ago, I was working at a dealership, like I do, and the owner kept pointing at me and laughing and saying, "Man, you look exactly like my buddy's wife, Susan!" In fact, he dragged me out to the shiny new Corvette on the showroom floor, stuffed me in it, asked me to smile, took a picture. He then sent this to his "buddy" with a note saying, "Susan just bought a new car!" Hahaha.

OK. That happens. Not the Corvette part, but, the lookalike part. Everyone is always saying I look like someone else. The following are some famous you-look-likes that I have been compared to. Now, let me warn you, none of them look alike. So, you tell me, does any of this make any sense?

#1 Sally Field, I was told we have the same mouth. You really like me!

#2 Catherine Deneuve, very flattering indeed but I don't really see it.

#3 Candice Bergen, we both have pointy Bob Hope noses.

#4 Chelsea Handler (of Chelsea Lately). I had never heard of her or her show. But, I am told she is sarcastic and on watching a Youtube of her in action, I can kinda see it in a blond sort of way.

#5 Amanda Peet. This must be the dark hair thing. I got this comparison from someone who was a bit....yucky. She is pretty, tho' so it is a compliment, even from a lech....nah, still feels creepy.

Oddly, I'm compared to three blonds and two brunettes. Hmmm, meaning? Any?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who needs internet?

My backyard in Fresno......
Its important to look at the positive. I may only get internet 25% of the time but look how pretty it is outside!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Max turns 6

Max turned 6 years old on Saturday. We had a pretty small party with 5 kids, lots of Legos and decorate-your-own cupcakes. It was pretty mellow overall. I was tired by evening but nothing like some of the other parties I've gone to.

Most of the parents just dropped their kids off for the afternoon and it worked out fine. I mention this because I was shocked. I guess they are old enough to "handle" themselves but still. It never seemed an option before, to just leave. I think the other reason it seems weird and a bit sad is that at our preschool, whenever their was a kid party, it was an excuse for the parents to hang out. And, the parents were very cool, we wanted to stay. I guess our elementary school is not like that.

Is it a class thing? A culture thing? Hills vs. Flats of Oakland? Hmmm. I miss the community feel. Well, at least we had cake left over and didn't have to share it with as many grownups.