Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mind-games with a 6 year old

Max asked me to picture myself in a room. He asked, "What is behind you and what door do you go through, the entrance or the exit?" He assured me that I could make up anything I wanted.

I answered that there was a big pile of chocolate behind me and I went out the exit since I needed to get away from the temptation/tummy-ache.

He then proceeded to share the results of this scenario at school, he asked lots of kids these same questions. He said that everyone seems to take the exit and almost no one ever went out the entrance. More importantly, he said girls and boys answer the, "what's behind you?" question very differently. Boys all say monsters, light sabers, dragons, etc, while girls all say, and I am not kidding, flowers, fairies, nice things. Sigh.

I am relieved that I said chocolate.