Saturday, May 4, 2013

Music Night

Thursday night, I had a ticket to go see Senator Barbara Boxer speak. She was being presented with Emerge CA's 2013 Woman of The Year award. I paid $100 for the ticket.

Instead I went to music night at Thornhill Elementary School to see my second-grader perform with his class. I sat in a packed room with no air flow with lots of other parents, all there to watch their K-2 student sing a song or make music in some way. I was lucky and got a seat, it was 900 degrees in the multipurpose room and what seemed like hours, apparently was only 45 minutes. Even being stuck having to listen to all the kindergarteners, then the 1st graders and finally the second was worth it. Really. Yes, at one point I went into a bit of giggly hysteria brought on by overheating, but overall, I was well behaved and enjoyed watching the little tykes waving to their parents from the big stage.

I could have been rubbing elbows with the who's who of Bay Area politics, I could have made a few contacts to get things done here in Oakland. I may have even gotten my picture taken with Senator Boxer herself. That would have been really cool. Instead, I chose to stay in the heat of Oakland, and be with my kids.

Speaking of music, check out this amazing This American Life episode: Music Lessons

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