Saturday, May 11, 2013

Getting Educated on Public Education

Lately, I've been trying to navigate the public school system. Trying to get a clear idea of how funding works at the state level, the local district level and ultimately at the school level. I'm on a committee (of course I am) to look into this in order to recommend how our school can best partner with the district on who works in our school, how our fundraising dollars can get spent, and how to make sure we stay out of hot water.

Not so easy. First of all, trying to find a clear answer online is near impossible. Everything is slanted politically or is in legalise. I think I'm sort of smart but its over my head. At meetings I've gone to, there seems to be an us vs. them mentality. Who deserves funding more? My kids or yours? Why do we have to choose?

We are not alone, there are other parents in other local schools, other districts across the state, and across the country who are facing the same issues. Here are a few resources I have found so far for California. I'm getting excited about the possibilities:

Starting here, just to understand the current CA Educational funding plan and Jerry Brown's proposal.

 This is a great interview with Educate Our State.

In the same clip, there is also an interview with Michelle Rhee of the controversial StudentsFirst.....and of course, there are many other clips to watch.

I'll admit, I am getting pulled into the weeds on this but I really want to fully understand the education funding issues in Oakland and California. It matters to my kids, as well as everyone else's.

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